Sunday, September 2, 2012


The dance craze that has Malaysians coming up with their own versions. For both young and old, apparently. (Front page of The Sunday Star)

This blog post would probably interest mostly the ladies, especially those who are enrolled in dance classes. There is all this rage about the latest dance craze called Gangnam Style. It has gone viral with almost 90 million hits on Youtube. Apparently the not-so-young among us should be able to do it, according to the front page report in The Star today.

For those keen to try it out, who best to learn from then the master himself - Korean rapper Psy. He makes it look so simple compared to the version performed by these girls from the group Waveya.

If you want to work out a sweat, and get those muscles toned up, just follow Psy's dance instructions. Have fun! I hope I can get my dance instructor to introduce it in our next class.

Compare the Gangnam and the Zumba. The Gangnam is definitely more fun. It has attitude.

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Kyle Murphy | said...

Although we've written past articles about the benefits of Zumba
, we would love to see Gangnam Style serve as an alternative for those seeking new moves on the workout floor.