Thursday, August 30, 2012


No, I wasn't there on that historic day. I was in Batu Pahat, and only nine years old at the time. 

But Uncle Lee was there. Read his personal account of what he saw, heard and experienced on 30 and 31 August 1957. He has done all the research, digging up old photos and songs that the older ones among us still remember to this day. Read what it was like for this mischievous schoolboy at the time to participate in the newly-independent country's first mass drill at Stadium Merdeka. 

You will thoroughly enjoy reading Uncle Lee's account. He writes in that inimitable style of his that is sure to put a smile, heck, even a belly LOL, on your face as he recounts his student pranks. It's not surprising Uncle Lee has a huge fan following that includes yours truly. Even though he has long settled in Canada, he still recalls with fondness memories of the old days in his country of birth, and is happy to share them with us. And not just nostalgia, he also shares pictures of beautiful women - balm for ageing eyes!

Click on the link to visit Uncle Lee's blog and read more of his writings at Moonlight Night Starry Skies.


Lee said...

Hello, whoever you are. I am Lee, aka 'Uncle Lee'.
Thank you very much for your walk on water warm thoughts and kind compliments re my Merdeka posting.
I appreciate your kind thoughts, and mention.
Thank you.

And I'm glad you, your fellow members here drop by, read my postings, present and past.

However, I feel sad, and regret that you, as you mentioned a regular visitor to my blog, nor any of your readers, members here who popped into my blog have for once said 'hello'. NEVER.

At last count past few days, 127 of you came by my blog.....I repeat, 127.... and still counting...activating my computer radar like disco lights at a Rose Chan show. All of you silent readers.

It really would be nice if you, or some of the members who drop by my pondok surface, drop a few words.
Why....we can always exchange our thoughts of our yesteryears. Even be friends too.

You do not have to mention your full name, your DNA or parent's name. Or whereabouts in Malaysia or Singapore, or still in jail...or where on this planet.
None of my business that.

However, just your first name will be appreciated.
No need the KSM, JP, KSK, Datok Seri or Datuk titles.
I accept the fact most of you may not have your own blogs, but you can always come in under 'anonymous'....but do sign in your first name, at least I can differentiate male or female.

So? What say you? Drop by. Come say hello.....lets be friends.
From Canada, wishing you all well....
Keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

seniorsaloud said...

Hi, Uncle Lee. Thanks for the comment, more of an admonishment really, but well-deserved. I stand guilty as charged even though I have left a couple of comments on your blog before, and you have left a couple on mine too. Indeed I have a link to your blog for the past two years. So, Uncle Lee, a HUGE THANKS and A WARM HUG for all the delightful posts, especially the Merdeka one. No one writes so cheekily and gets away with it. Always such fun to read your posts and recall with nostalgia the good old times.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lee,
Just pop in to say 'hi' and thanks for your stories on the good ole days. Have a nice day.


Lee said...

Hello Lily, Holy Smoke! It's you then putting up this mention about my pondok grandmother stories..
Thought was a man, ha ha....
No laaa, not admonishment, just a bit of stir fry, ha ha ha.

Hey! Yes, I now remember did pop in in couple of times my pondok, but....that when I was much younger, ha ha ha.

Psssst,you looking good, Lily. Where were you when I was handing out my application form and resume?
Ahhh, still in standard 6, I guess.
Love that smile of yours...the kind that makes a man want to bring home whole body show his mom, ha ha ha.

Once again, thank you for the warm thoughts and kind compliments, Lily. I appreciate it....
And hey! I always get my inspirations to write from beautiful ladies....
so, you know what to do, right?
Will be looking forward have you drop by my pondok....
Till then, you stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.
Oh ya, thank you for surfacing.....again at my pondok.
Best regards,

ps, Lily, I'd love it if you'll just call me 'Lee'....make sure no 'A' in front or else my gang will think I changed my religion.

Lee said...
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cookingvarieties said...

Hi, great post-I do agree with you that “Uncle Lee’s “ blog is really worth
visiting and when I put in comments, I get back great replies from him. Have a nice day

seniorsaloud said...

That's true. Uncle Lee is one-of-a-kind. One who puts a smile on your face and a spring in your feet. A rare species.