Monday, August 27, 2012


Front page of the Straits Times today.

Madam Chang Ka Fong, Chung Win Kee, and Chen Woo Teck were singled out for mention as role models of active ageing in PM Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech last night. Who are these inspiring elderly Singaporeans?

Believe it or not, at 87, Madam Chang can still shoot 50 hoops as part of her daily exercise regime. She keeps fit by exercising regularly and following a sensible diet for her age. Her breakfast is porridge and Horlicks. She also guards against over-eating.

Mr Chung, 71, is a chicken rice seller. PM Lee cited him as a fine example of a senior citizen who has embraced lifelong learning. He has learned to use the internet to search for new recipes for his chicken rice business, and is applying digital technology to his passion for photography.

Age is certainly no barrier to learning for Mr Chen, 79. He enrolled for a first degree course at SIM University in 2005. This was followed by a Masters degree and now he is studying for his PhD in Chinese Language and Literature.

The PM spoke for over two hours, presenting his speech first in Malay, then in Mandarin and finally in English. Rhetoric was cut to a minimum. He invited all Singaporeans to join him in the 'National Conversation', to help write the next chapter of the Singapore Story. In his speech not only did he highlight the nation's achievements, but he also cautioned against the challenges to come, one of which would be higher government spending and hence increased taxes 'sooner or later'.

He shared memories of old Singapore, including a family photo of growing up in Oxley Road.

For the full transcript and more videos of PM Lee's National Day Rally Speech 2012, go to
Channel News Asia.

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