Sunday, July 22, 2012


Pardon my ignorance, but I had never heard of Bruno Groening till I read Dr Amir Farid Ishak's column in the Star over breakfast this morning. I was intrigued by the story of this man who had the power to heal people without any medication. Thousands would flock to his mass healings where he would teach them how they could heal themselves by tapping into the divine energy that was present everywhere. He called this "heilstrom" or the healing energy from God.

His healings have been medically verified and documented. You can listen to some of these testimonials in a documentary on his life and work. The Circle of Friends, a group set up in 1979, 20 years after Groening's death, organizes free talks to practice and spread his teachings around the world.

Groening died of stomach cancer in 1959. I am puzzled though as to why he wasn't able to turn his healing powers on himself. I found the answer in another article about his final days. Do read. A truly incredible story.

Before you dismiss Groening as another charlatan or shaman, you might want to also read Dr Amir's article. It gives a detailed background of Groening's life and teachings. A Google search of my own revealed more fascinating details about this spiritual healer. Below are the links and videos that I have checked out.

If your interest goes beyond just reading and viewing videos of Groening and his teachings, there is a free introductory talk given by the Circle of Friends right here in Kuala Lumpur.

Date: Saturday 11 August, 7 pm; Sunday 12 August, 11 am, 2.00pm and 5.00pm
Venue: PMCC International Sdn Bhd, Unit 17-3A, 3rd Mile Square, 151, Jln Klang Lama, KL
To register, email

If you would like to get an idea of what the talk is about, you may want to read this first and then decide if you want to attend the talk. It might not be everyone's cup of tea.

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Anonymous said...

Lily, suggest that you give such things a miss!!!

seniorsaloud said...

Just curious. No harm in finding out more about this. I will keep an open mind till I know for sure if this divine healing works. Thanks for the word of caution.

Lakshmi said...


Don't take others' words n don't let others influence u.You are entitled to your intuition and decision on any matters.

Will probably attend n find out for myself.

Thanx for the interesting article n the relevant links. Much appreciated .

Starmandala said...

Never heard of Bruno Groening but I'm glad you brought him to my attention. You can tell from looking at his face that he was a genuine phenomenon. I'm curious to know more about his own glandular condition that made his neck much thicker than usual - it could be a form of hypoparathyroidism - but it may also have given Bruno access to an extended range of frequencies with which to charge up his bioenergetic field so that those who came within a certain range of his biomagnetic field would experience spontaneous healing. It's ridiculous that people think only long-dead saints can perform such miracles - and that the living saints are so often subjected to hostility and persecution. The energy vampires that control big pharma and big medicine and institutionalized religions hate it when somebody authentic shows them up.

seniorsaloud said...

You are right, Antares. Groening is said to have an extra gland in his throat. His neck would expand according to the size of the audience he had to reach during his healing sessions. He used the spoken word to heal. His throat was the energy centre to transmit the words of healing. I have compared pictures of him. His neck was of normal size when he was not using his voice to heal the masses.

Groening said if he didn't channel this energy externally to heal, it would burn him up inside. Apparently, this was true. When several lawsuits were brought against him leading to the court banning him from conducting any more healings, he died shortly after of stomach cancer.

When the doctors opened him up, they couldn't believe what they saw. His body revealed total internal incineration!

Starmandala said...

Thanks for the additional info on Groening. His throat chakra must have been specially modified for this mission. I guess he's had to repackage himself to avoid bureaucratic persecution!

jennie said...

yes his insides were burned up because he wasnt allowed to use the energy to heal.. but it wasnt cancer the media wanted him to look like a fraud so thats what they printed

Rosemary said...

I have been a member of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends for at least ten years, and have experienced a miracle and various helps in my life. For example, when I watched the five hour movie about his life, altho I slept thru most of it due to exhaustion, my hemorrhoid went away immediately! I would be in even better shape, I'm sure, if I were better about doing the einstellen meditation twice a day, but I do listen to the free CDs of testimonials and his talks, and also to the beautiful music CDs from the group, and I attend the Circle of Friends every three weeks. I trust it because it is all available to the poor--they do not charge money for the books or CDs as it is donation only, and a free magazine of healing reports comes with the free membership. A long-time friend said she sees a difference in my attitude and happiness since I joined. Do watch the videos, and try to join. This world and people are in trouble and a mess, and this is the only thing I know that is to heal everything. Everyone is welcome, regardless of religion. --Rosemary