Saturday, July 21, 2012


Keeping expenses under control is one big concern for retirees and pensioners. For many households, the electricity bill remains the biggest item on their monthly expenses.

Fortunately, there are smart ways to minimize your home electricity usage without compromising on your comfort. Does leaving your desktop computer and TV on standby mode add to your electricity charges, or does it make little difference? What electrical appliances consume the most electricity? The air-conditioner or the refrigerator?

You can find the answers and much more at this website. Check out how to reduce your electricity consumption, do your own calculation of the bill, and find out about safety tips..

Lots of useful information, so do browse and apply. Not only will you be reducing your electricity bills, you will be helping to reduce energy consumption and contribute towards protecting our environment.


Anonymous said...

It's not just about reducing our electricity bill.
It's about the way we'd been had all these years.
Firstly, TNB has an overproduction of about 40% of electricity.
And bear in mind that this excess cannot be stored and is wasted.
Secondly, even with this high excess production,the government thought fit to allow a few so-called IPPs to produce more electricity.
And TNB is forced to buy whatever they produced at a higher production price than TNB can do so.
And since TNB already has an excess, what do they do with this additional production?
Thirdly, fuel supplied to these IPPs is subsidised by the government.
So, Malaysians are treated like suckers!!!

Solar Panels said...

Excess usage of electricity is not a necessity also as a citizen, it is our responsibility to have a better living. Saving electricity would have a great place on our lives.