Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The Straits Times of Singapore yesterday published a list of 44 men who allegedly had sex with an underage girl. This is the first time I have come across a list like this made public. If you think the men are probably serial rapists, thugs, paedophiles or perverts, think again. Included on the list are a school principal, a former police superintendent, military officers, a lawyer, businessmen and people in finance and other professions.

Recognize any name? Probably not a name you want to be proud to know.

The alleged mastermind of the online website that offers women (and also the teenager in question) for sexual services was earlier charged last November for living off the earnings of his bevy of 'social escorts'. If you think he must have a past criminal record or a history of psychological disorders, think again. According to the news report, "he had studied in Britain and worked in multinational firms, including Shell International Petroleum where he was an adviser to the chairman, Motorola where he was a channel sales manager and Virgin Mobile where he made general manager."

What drove these men, whose ages range from 21 to 48, to have sex with a 16-year old? She could have been the same age as their sister or daughter. Many of these men are married with children. The lawyer for some of them is portraying his clients as victims of a "hardcore prostitute". The men can come up with all sorts of reasons and excuses for their actions, but the law is the law. No one is above the law. Not even former PM of Italy Silvio Berlusconi who is currently facing charges of having paid for sex with an underage girl. He's old enough to be the teenager's grandfather!

I think a lot has to do with respect. And this works both ways. Girls must be taught to respect themselves, and be worthy of respect. Boys must be taught to respect all girls and not take advantage of them. This teaching has to start at home, if not through heart-to-heart sessions, then through good role-modeling. If young parents are too busy building their careers, then the grandparents should step in.

Any comments on how we should teach our children to respect women?

(Update: The Straits Times has just added another four more men to the list, including a former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council and a former top banker with a global private bank. Will there be more names to come???)


LC Teh said...

By good example. Children are natural followers. Don't expect baby crab to walk straight when papa crab walks sideways...

CurshDude said...

Good point. But I'll go further. Like it or not, we live with desires normally referred to as "Sin". In other words, we want things that are wrong for society. When we pursue these things, we are being self servants. And it doesn't matter to us that our actions negatively impact others. The proof that the concept of Sin is fully compatible with the world is here and has always been here. Our stubborn ignorance has allowed self serving behavior to thrive. The desire to have sex with an underage girl is natural. But that doesn't mean it is right. Life isn't about indulging yourself. It's about using your brain and your heart. And those two things say it is wrong to seduce kids.