Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Just the other day my four grandchildren were watching a Barney video. Barely five minutes into the video, my grandson Max, 11, announces "I'm too old to watch Barney" and promptly went off to read a book instead.

It seems like only yesterday that he enjoyed piggy-back rides with me. Soon it will be his 5-year old sister's turn to tell me "I'm too old to be cuddled, grammy!" Kids are certainly growing older faster than their grandparents!

What about us? What are we too old to do now that we have passed our 50th, 60th, 70th year milestone? What's on your Murtaugh List - the list of things you feel you are too old to do?

The name 'Murtaugh' is a reference to Roger Murtaugh, a 50-year old LAPD homicide detective played by Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon movie series. Whenever his partner Martin Riggs, played by Mel Gibson, gets both of them in a sticky situation, Murtaugh's stock response is "I'm too old for this shit".

Murtaugh List was first mentioned in an episode of the TV series "How I Met Your Mother".

Here's a generic Murtaugh List. See how many applies to you.

I'm too old to:
  • use Facebook, Twitter and Skype
  • sing and dance all night long
  • celebrate my birthday
  • join a street protest
  • start dating again
  • wear bright colours
  • embark on a career change
  • start my own company
  • have a tattoo
  • keep my hair long
Do note, however, that despite saying he's too old for 'this shit', Murtaugh goes ahead and does all that stuff anyway, and does it well too. Just to show that we can never be too old for anything that we really, truly want to do. It's all about changing our mindset.

Maybe so, but Santa is still making the rounds every Christmas!
So go out there and pursue your dreams and goals.

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இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Bananaz is too old to blog haha. Only failed 3 & 4 of your Murtaugh list not becoz too old just did't do much when young. Great inspirational post for the old but young at heart.