Sunday, December 4, 2011


MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua must have felt vindicated. When he first drew public attention to the false labelling and inferior products sold at Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) outlets, he was called a liar, troublemaker, and accused of politicizing the issue for personal gain.

MP Tony Pua kept the audience engrossed for almost three hours with his slides and stories
 highlighting how the government (mis)spends public funds.

Last night he shared his side of the story with the audience at a dinner-lecture organized by Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM). This morning the Star ran this report:

Removing items because of incomplete labeling? Read between the lines. (Source: The Star 4 Dec 2011)
Before he started his lecture, Pua jokingly said some in the audience might want to emigrate after hearing what he had to share that evening. As he presented chart after chart, figures after figures, you could hear gasps of horror from some people in the audience. The weak of heart would have suffered cardiac arrest at the shocking revelations - the size of government debt from overspending and over-borrowing, of contingent liabilities and the extent to which the government is milking their cash cow Petronas.

Reading the numbers is like watching a horror movie. At least the movie ends after
two hours, but not our government spending spree. It is a never-ending story. 
Emoluments and pensions eat up the biggest chunk of government expenditure. Not
surprising at all given the 1.3m civil servants and the perks they get without even asking.
Why is the government so eager to please them? The answer should be obvious.
Pua pointing to the percentage of Petronas' profit that is reinvested each year. 
It fell from a high of 42.5% in 2005 to only 13.5% in 2010! Mama Mia!
Skeptics may pooh-pooh the numbers. But time after time as each scandal is made public in both the mainstream and alternative media, it only lends credence to what the opposition has been saying all along. The ministers and BN MPs may deny everything, but when documents and receipts are produced as evidence, how much longer can they continue to claim that every scandal as an outright lie? The gross overspending and abuse of public funds as highlighted in the Auditor-General's report year after year gets from bad to worse.

The Public Services Department director-general had to issue a warning that civil servants would be held accountable for losses highlighted in the AG's report. But don't expect much to happen. The same misuse and abuse of public funds will continue to fill the pages of next year's report, and the next and the next.

For more revelations of the truth behind government mismanagement of public funds, these two books below make for compelling reading:

(Left) Teh Chi-Chang's 106-page book presents the facts in easy to understand layman's terms with illustrations by Antares, while Pua's 335-page book is literally a thesis. Both are must-reads before the next elections.
Back cover detail from Pua's first English publication "The Tiger That Lost Its Roar".


Starmandala said...

Thanks for attending on my behalf! Tony Pua and the new breed of young politicos in Pakatan Rakyat are doing a superb job. Only those suffering from acute tempurungitis continue to endorse BN misrule.

Ruby Claire said...

Antares, you are talking from other side of mirror, Rakyat are just doing for about their past.

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