Monday, June 13, 2011


Would you pay Rm10 for this plate of nasi bryani with one measly piece of fried fish? I did, at an Original Kayu restaurant in Ampang Point. When I complained, I was given an earful of the high price of fish, rice, cooking oil, etc, etc..
If your wife asks you for more money for groceries because Rm1000 a month just isn't enough to feed the family anymore, she's giving you a taste of reality. Unless you do the marketing yourself, you probably won't realize how fast and how much food prices have risen.

A loaf of wholemeal bread is now Rm3.20, bananas are Rm5.65 for a bunch of five. Add coffee or tea, butter or jam. Breakfast at home no longer comes cheap.
It wasn't that long ago when a loaf of wholemeal bread cost Rm2.10. Now it's gone up to Rm3.20. I don't eat meat. You would think I spend less on a fruit and vegie diet. I wish. My favourite Fuji apples were Rm1.19 each only a month ago. I was already complaining then. Now it's up by almost 30 sen. And you won't believe how expensive apple jambus are, especially the imported ones.

Rm14.75 for six apple jambus. That's about Rm2.50 each or 85 sen a bite.
Rm8.94 for six Fuji apples at a hypermarket. So much for eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away! Probably cheaper to fall sick and see the doctor at a public clinic.
Prices are also creeping up at hypermarkets like TESCO and Giant. Whether it's meat, beverages, cereals, sugar, garlic, vegetables or eggs, Rm100 doesn't buy as much as a year ago. Retirees are hard-hit. With no income coming in and money flowing out, they are digging into their piggy banks to pay for food.

Why is the government so reluctant to disclose the agreements signed between Tenaga Nasional and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs)? Is there something the public should not know?
Now that the electricity tariff has gone up by 7.12%, expect another round of price hikes. Don't be taken in by the government's assurances that this increase will have 'minimal impact' on consumers. Neither should we commend the 2500 members of the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association for their promise not to raise food prices. Not yet anyway.

Talk is cheap. Let's see some action.


Pak Idrus said...

Lily, I do the marketing all the while and I know that prices of good have gone up through the sky but what could we do except to buy only the necessary and eat-out less.

I no longer frequent the Mamak restaurant since as you have seen their charges are too high for such foods. I am continuing to enjoy home-cooked food all day long.

It looks like the value of our Ringgit has gone down and down since nothing much could we purchase from a RM50.00. I believe one of the reason is because of the increases of Petrol price. Everything had to be move/transported thus it add to the cost of other goods and services.

Have a nice day anyway.

Starmandala said...

Rosmah doesn't seem to feel the pinch. Buffered by too much lard, no doubt. Only recourse is to boot these overfed maggots out of power and the first step is to ensure the next elections is on a level playing field. Please support the BERSIH 2.0 rally on 9 July 2011!