Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Off the beaten track - Cannero, Italy.
What a great feeling to be on vacation. You wake up as and when you please. There's a whole new day ahead of you to do whatever grabs your fancy. Life slows down to a leisurely pace. That's how a holiday should be. Not one of those frenetic package tours where you visit 101 tourist attractions in one day, and each one remains a blur in the memory.

Retirees are spoilt for choice when it comes to travel destinations. Time is no longer an issue. And with budget airlines offering discounted fares, we no longer have to save for years to see the world. Do a Google search and you will be amazed at the number of websites that cater to older travellers.

Established in 1987, ELDERTREKS is the world's first adventure company that caters exclusively for those 50 and above. A must-visit website if you love the thrill of discovering new experiences.
If your other half isn't into travelling, leave him behind. Don't feel guilty about it. It's his choice. He can feed the cat and water the plants while you join your group of friends on a cruise down the Nile. Life is too short to sit around and mope about having no one to travel with. This is a great opportunity to make new friends. Be adventurous.

Senior travel clubs are proliferating. Join one. Or organize your own travel group. A group of retirees I know are organizing a trip to Tibet from Aug 13-20. There are limited places left. If you are keen, contact seniorsaloud@gmail.com for more details.

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan. Simply breathtaking. Photo: YonGo Travel
Brothers Yong Lee Min and Yong Lee Keng are seasoned backpackers. Their Kuala Lumpur based company YonGo Travel has organised trips to Peru, Bolivia, Eastern Europe, Syria, Northern India, Korea, South Africa & Zimbabwe, New Zealand Milford Tracking, Hanoi, China Tibet, Cambodia (Angkor Wat). Their website is a veritable directory of travelogues, tips and useful links. Contact them for information about their upcoming trips.

Swap homes and save on accommodation when you vacation overseas. HomeExchange boasts a listing of over 40,000 homes worldwide, including homes in Malaysia (24) and Singapore (43).
If you think you are too old to travel, think again. My uncle Xavier will be 78 in October. He has been blazing a trail across the Americas, Europe and Asia since he retired at 55. Not even a by-pass could get him to hang up his backpack for good. Click here to view some of his travel photos.

Still youthful at 78, my Uncle Xavier continues to enjoy life as an intrepid globetrekker.
If roughing it out is not your idea of the perfect getaway, you can always opt for hassle-free package tours to popular destinations like Guangzhou or Bali. If you are like my daughter, you will want to plan the entire holiday yourself online, from booking the air tickets to arranging for car rental, and everything else in between.

The private pool at our villa in Phuket.
Relaxing at Laguna beach with a book and a refreshing coconut drink.
Kids have a major say in family holidays. My grandchildren love the beach, so seaside resorts are a family favourite. Photo: Max and Reiya showing off their tattoos.
Grandma has one too!
Why just dream of faraway places? Pack your bags and go! Explore the beauty and wonders of the world while you still can.


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