Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Six-time Mr Asia Datuk Abdul Malek Noor, 54, suffered a heart attack last Wednesday while participating in a charity football match in Ipoh. There was speculation that the durian he consumed before the match could have triggered off the heart attack. The man himself denied that the fruit had anything to do with his clogged arteries. How would he know for sure?

Last July, Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang was hospitalized when he collapsed after consuming a feast of mutton and durian. His medical records revealed he has hypertension.

Three days ago, my mother who is on medication for her heart threw up in bed. She had eaten durian for dessert after dinner. On hindsight we should have not have allowed her to help herself to the fruit. This is a lesson learned. Ignorance is certainly not bliss in this case.

I brought the matter up with my mom's cardiologist at his clinic yesterday morning. He had done an angioplasty on her on 8 March. He was horrified that I had allowed her to take durian. He said although no research has been done on the link between durian and heart attacks, he had seen several patients who had complained of acute cardiac discomfort after consuming durian.

A scary durian episode for all three who, fortunately, are none the worse for the experience. (Top four photos: The Star & The New Straits Times)
My Google search revealed that people who have high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes should avoid taking durian. The Chinese believe that one should not eat durian with alcohol or mutton or other “heaty” food. The traditional practice is to eat durian with mangosteen which is cooling, and wash it down with Chinese tea.

Most of these claims are not backed by scientific studies, so how much to eat, and what should or shouldn't you combine durian with, is a matter of individual choice. The bottom line is this: are you prepared to take risks with your health?

My personal experience with eating durian is I get a bloated feeling if I eat more than 10 seeds. I suppose one has to know one's limits.


Pak Idrus said...

Lily, agreed that we should be careful about taking Durian. One should take a little bit a time and not to eat many in one go.

It is gassy and anyone who have stomach ailment had to be very careful with eating it. And I too am told that never take Durian with alcohol.

My advice is to just enjoy Durian in moderation.

Take care.

pinsysu said...

thanks for sharing. me guess moderation is the key even for those who have no medical history.

Unknown said...

Durian is a rich food, it is just commonsense that we should only eat in moderation...

Winston said...

It seems that there is a smather of truth that drinking beer and eating durians at the same time can cause serious health problems.
Apparently, the beer will cause an accelerated fermenting of the durian in the stomach and the gas released can then cause the problems.

Anonymous said...

Those survived, Lucky! Durian itself don't really killed. Its the sugar contain that should be concerned. By weight, its complex carb is rather high, 30%. Therefore, if they are consumed alone. That's should be about more than limit. But! if it was combine with other high carb food or drinks. Then we are inviting trouble, especially those are diabetic, high LDL & heart problems. Chinese folks used to say, Never mix durian with alcohol, came to be rather true. Not because the cocktail is poisonous but rather the deadly combination of both high carb (sugar) & individual tolerance would play a major role between life & death.

Anonymous said...

The 3 individuals in your blog has a common criteria for such trouble. Malek Noor was a body builder, naturally ex body builder will post a hidden problem. More likely Hypertension, their body are used to high calories but as aging plus i don't think he is very active anymore with trigger the advantage of trouble. Whereas the MP, he is a mid age plus hypertension. What do you expect from durian plus heavy meal (++++Sugar). Your mum has a classical case of heart problems, plus you allowed her to go for high sugar food. Consider her a tough lady, mate. Many would have simply dropped!

seniorsaloud said...

On hindsight, my mother threw up because she over indulged on durian. There really wasn't any need for the angioplasty in the first place.