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Source: The Star 23 April 2011
Take a leaf from LKY's book of Never-Say-Old quotes. To this statesman, the word 'old' doesn't exist. Not in his life, and certainly not in the coming general elections. The former PM of Singapore and current Minister Mentor is seeking another term in his Tanjong Pagar constituency. He has held the seat for 56 years, and is aiming to be around for the next five years. If he wins, as predicted, he will retain his record as one of the world's longest serving (and surviving) leaders.

The Straits Times 24 April 2011
Addressing a 2000-strong crowd at a rally yesterday, he said, "Every general election is a serious choice of the people whether they want to move forward, sideways or backwards." He also has some advice for the elderly citizens of Tanjong Pagar.

Click on the video to listen to LKY. Do you think he has the physical and mental capabilities to carry out his official duties for another term? Or should he retire from public office and spend the rest of his sunset years writing another book perhaps?

As he has so famously said in another interview back in January 2008,

"As you get old, you withdraw from everything and then all you will have is your bedroom and the photographs and the furniture that you know, and that’s your world.

I’m determined that I will not, as long as I can, to be reduced, to have my horizons closed on me like that. It is the stimuli, it is the constant interaction with people across the world that keeps me aware and alive to what’s going on and what we can do to adjust to this different world.

Doesn't sound like LKY will retire from public life as yet. Another five-year term will mean he'll be 92 when he finally hangs up his MP name tag for good.

Will he last the distance? What do you think?

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