Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In an hour or so, Mom will be wheeled into the operation theatre for her hip surgery. Right now she's fast asleep after a light breakfast early this morning. Dr Gan has come by for a final check on her, and has given the thumbs up to go ahead with the surgery scheduled for 12pm.

Last night Dr Wahida, the anaesthesiologist, informed me of the risks involved due to mom's age and her recent heart attack. But we are all optimistic as we have heard such encouraging reports from friends and relatives who have been through a similar surgery.

She will be in ICU for a day or two before she's transferred back to the general ward. After that she will remain a few more days for observation and physiotherapy. I'm sure she can't wait to be discharged, to feel the sunshine and breath the air outdoors. I can empathize with her eagerness to be up and out of hospital. Only those who have had surgery and been hospitalized for an extended period of stay can fully understand what it is like to lie in bed day after day, not able to move much, and in discomfort if not pain.

All the more reason why we should take care of ourselves, and also take all the necessary precautions to prevent falls in our elderly parents. Statistics reveal that most falls occur in the age group 65 and above.

Here's a good article you can read: Prevention of Falls in the Elderly.

And here's a Youtube video on the same topic.

Prevention is better than cure. How often have we paid lip service to this when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let's pray that we don't have to pay too high a price for lip service.


Candy said...

Hope your mom is alright now. I agree prevention is better than cure.

seniorsaloud said...

Thanks, Candy. She's in ICU at the moment. Docs say she's should be fine.