Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Back in the early 1980s a close friend of mine bought over an old Milo van and converted it into a hot-dog and burger mobile business venture. It was probably the first meals-on-wheels in the country. I'm not sure whether it was the novelty that attracted customers wherever it went, or the friendly service, but he did a roaring business especially on Saturday nights.

If Lake Gardens was your favourite couples' haunt in those days, you would probably have seen Prem's mobile van parked there to cater to hungry young lovers out on a date night. (pic: a typical Meals-on-Wheels).

Mobile vans are great for providing home services too. There is money to be made for those enterprising and creative enough to venture into this niche business. I was waiting for transport in the Mont Kiara area when I chanced upon the Hello Handyman mobile van. I thought it was such a great idea to have repair services brought right to your doorstep. We have used their services and find them quite satisfactory.

Above: Lawrence Yoong and Ryan Foong - the enterprising young men behind Hello Handyman, the home maintenance and repair business.

That's also how I met Casey of MV Ideas Enterprise. Give him a call if you want to get your car washed, waxed and vacuumed without having to leave your house or lift a finger! How absolutely convenient, especially on a lazy Sunday when you would rather relax at home with the family.

Above: Casey and his car wash business. A look at what's inside his mobile van.

It was Casey who drew my attention to MyIdeas set up by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to encourage Malaysians to come up with creative ideas "to improve the society and overall Malaysian life". It's a great way to get feedback on your ideas. The ministry will convert the best ideas into reality, as in Casey's car wash mobile business.

With my mom (and me) housebound, I can think of a host of home services that could be quite successful with the right marketing and management, beginning with home nursing care. Here are more to think about:

Pet grooming
Dry cleaning (pick up & delivery)
Aquarium cleaning
PC troubleshooting
Grocery delivery
Shoe repair
Clothes alteration

There's no limit to the kind of home services one can provide for the stay-at-home, in particular the elderly who have to rely on others for such services.
Five steps to getting your creative ideas realized. (Source: MyIdeas website)

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