Saturday, November 27, 2010


Taking a short break in Taipei with the family. Only had time to check out some street food today. Unfortunately Internet access isn't free at our downtown hotel, so am keeping posts short and brief.

The best food is to be found in the side streets and alleys. Beef, pork, chicken cooked the way grandma used to. Pity I don't eat meat.

Tastes better than it looks - wantan soup and my bowl of dry noodles with thick sesame sauce.

The queue for these buns was so long, we gave up waiting to get some.

Hot sweet potatoes - simply yummy!
 My two granddaughters hamming it up while I enjoy what's left of the sweet potatoes.

I have no idea what snack this is - pieces of strange food floating in some liquid. Taiwan yong toufu?

If you think these are clothes for kids, take another look. They are actually designer wear for doggies!
 Street fashion for the street-smart. Love the boots. Saw some trendy ones going for only RM50!

More photos tomorrow...

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