Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yet another case of adult children abandoning their elderly parents has been reported. The MCA is proposing that these irresponsible adult children be named and shamed publicly. How effective would this be, I wonder.

There are probably hundreds of such cases that go unreported. Most abused parents would rather suffer in silence than go public about their ungrateful children. After all, who would want to lose face by dragging their family name through the mud?

Elder abuse is not all about inflicting physical pain and injury on defenseless old people. It can be financial and emotional as well. All of us personally know or have heard of cases where parents have made the mistake of prematurely signing over the title deed of the family home to the adult children, and subsequently find themselves booted out of the home because of lack of space or because the adult children have sold the property without informing them.

The Chinese have a saying that translates as "When the children are big, it is their world". How true, especially when it involves money and property. When elderly parents have to depend on their adult children for a roof over their head or food on the table, they lose all say in matters of importance.

It may sound rather selfish, but retirees must protect their retirement funds and their retirement home. Keep working if you are physically able to do so to be financially independent for as long as possible. There are just too many horror stories of abandoned or abused elderly parents.

The advice to young parents - teach your little children universal values, including filial piety and responsibility. Be good role models yourself. Do not give them a chance to turn around one day and say, "But mom and dad, you never really took care of us when we were young, so don't expect us to take care of you in your old age." And start building your nest egg to avoid having to rely solely on your adult children for future sustenance.

On this cautionary note, Seniorsaloud would like to wish all deserving fathers

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I, sincerely believe that we must be good role model for our children to emulate.