Friday, June 4, 2010


If only our leaders and policy-makers paid heed to these words of wisdom...


Liew said...

The Malaysian political leaders should emulate Abraham Lincoln otherwise Malaysians will be bankrupted and in disharmony.
Their minds and bodys are full of toxins. They should detox regularly so that they can think wisely and stay healthy always.
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Liew said...

Dear Fellow Senioralouds,
Being over 50+ years doesn't mean you must have a sick mind. Our body is not designed to be sick or have chronic diseases. Most diseases are caused toxins. They can be prevented or cured by natural ways.
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louis said...

Fine sentiments, suited to the times in which Lincoln wrote them, but not entirely and literally transferable to contemporary Malaysia or the US for that matter.

The nature of power has changed, the character and methods of employers have changed, what the individual can or cannot do for him/herself is affected by factors that didn't exist when that was written. There are new paradigms for the relationship between employers and employees, the powerful and the weak, even for family relationships and responsibilities.

Bear in mind also that for all his wisdom and good intentions, it was not easy for Lincoln to govern and all the South wanted no part of his policies and ideas.

There are no simple, failsafe solutions to current large problems. It is not only the leaders who must be wise but the electorate too.

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