Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tiger Woods' fall from his lofty pedestal has set me wondering again about the sanctity of marriage. I'm trying my best to understand the male species. Isn't one woman enough, especially if she is as good-looking, smart and classy as Elin Nordegren? Some guys obviously haven't learned from others before them that they risk losing everything when they cheat on their wife.

Statistics on adultery are hard to come by. How many married men would want to admit they have broken their marriage vows?

Is it true that few men are satisfied with one woman? Is sex addiction for real or just an excuse to indulge in forbidden pleasures?

It used to be the men who would balk at the thought of marriage. Now the women are beginning to feel that way too. I know of many lady friends who would rather stay single than be stuck in a marriage with an unfaithful husband.

Sure, there are women who cheat on their partners too. But they are the exception rather than the rule. Extra-marital affairs can ruin a man's political career, damage his reputation, and cause him financial ruin. But men are ever so accepting of their own kind. To quote Playboy's Hugh Hefner, "What's the big deal? Monogamy is over-rated anyway."
My stand on this: If a man has no qualms breaking a vow he made before God, he should have the guts to come clean with his wife and be prepared to accept the consequences.

If a man knows deep in his heart that he might stray, then he should not propose marriage to his girl in the first place. He could have saved her all the heartache, anguish and loss of self-worth.

Men are lucky that women are so forgiving. Most wives take their cheating husbands back, and it's almost always because of the children. Few would react like Ivana Trump - "Don't get mad. Get everything!"


Starmandala said...

No comment, dear. Actually, I have huge amounts to say about this but it would require a series of books! :-) But here's a clue: do you think the so-called gods were "monogamous"? We're descended from them - and a modified primate named Lulu. Anyway, I unsubscribed from monotheism ages ago!

CheaHSan said...

Whoa remember this song "lipsticks on your collar.." Not sure how long he is gonna be on hiatus to lick his wound hope not too long, as it is the sponsors are starting to have second thoughts.

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