Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Swedish Shakti mat

The fakir version

One of the hottest health products currently drawing both devotees and cynics alike is the updated version of the bed of nails. Nope, I am not referring to the bed of iron nails that Hindu fakirs lie on, or the type used in martial arts demonstration.

The Swedish Shakti mat is ringing up the cash registers across Europe. Consisting of a light foam rubber pad and embedded with 4,000-8,000 small hard plastic disks with sharp little spikes, the Shakti is reputed to induce relaxation, improve sleep, and relieve lower back pain.

A close-up of the spikes. Apparently lying on these spikes helps to improve blood circulation.

To date, there has been no scientific evidence of these health claims. I have yet to try out the mat. But for a first-hand account, read Robert Hardman's article in The Daily Mail.


CheaHSan said...

Ho ho ho! Standing on those 'foot reflexology' stones is OK with me but on nails? Not too sure, tell us your experience will ya. Thanks

foodbin said...

how much is it?

seniorsaloud said...

The price varies, depending on the size of the mat, and can range from US$50 to US115. Made in China ones are way cheaper, of course.

ThomasC said...

Hi Lily

Been reading your blog on and off and always enjoy the topic you put up. Just write to say hello. Cheers!

Jennifer Banks said...

Thank you for the post. This sounds like a very unique way to   relieve lower back pain!

Unknown said...

It does help relaxation, I fall asleep sometime.