Saturday, August 29, 2009


My grandson Max turned 9 yesterday. His parents gave him a Michael Jackson themed birthday party today. Allow a proud grandmother to indulge a little. After all, he's my only grandson and grandma's favourite pin-up boy.

Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, they are too big and too shy to sit on your lap for a cuddle. Blink, and they are in college. Blink again, they are ensconced in a career. And before you can count all your grey hair, they have married and given you grandchildren.

Nothing can beat the joy of seeing the little ones running to greet you with open arms and squeals of delight when they see you coming. They make you feel so loved. It's like your pet dog jumping on you and licking you all over when you come home.

Max's birthday cakes

Grandparents and grandchildren enjoy a special bond. They have more time for each other because they don't go out to work! My grandchildren make me feel young and alive with their exuberance and energy. They make me laugh with their silly jokes and antics. They teach me how to love and care all over again!

Maybe not angels all the time, but definitely little sweethearts!

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