Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The outdoor gym in Taman Sri Hartamas.

In my last blog post, I lamented the lack of a playground in Kuala Lumpur where the elderly could safely enjoy some physical exercise on equipment specially designed for them.

Doing the 'twist' with my grandchildren.

A few days ago I discovered, much to my delight, an outdoor gym in the new neighbourhood that my family had recently moved to. It's right next to the children's playground, which suits me fine. I can keep an eye on my grandchildren while getting my 30 minutes of exercise.

Brisk-walking with Reiya, 3, while Max, 8, monkeys around in the background.

Although anyone can use the outdoor gym, I doubt it will be popular with the younger residents. as the equipment is meant for a low impact and low intensity workout.

Great for the shoulders and upper body.

An outdoor gym in every park - that's what our city planners should aim for, and what housing developers should provide. The move will definitely score points for them and help to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community.


Moonlake Lee said...

that's great....no need to sign up for gym membership. Was the playground set up for "grownups/seniors" or it is a multigenerational playground for th whole family?

seniorsaloud said...

It's probably meant for seniors. I doubt the gym will attract the younger folks. They'd probably prefer the high-tech, high impact equipment in indoor gyms that charge a bomb.
Join me for a workout the next time you're up in KL :-)

foodbin said...

that's the way to treat senior.

Anonymous said...

Already 3 neighborhood parks that have this facilities more will be coming.