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A view of the uniquely-designed environmentally-friendly multi-function hall.

If you have never heard of AUTORR, you are probably not the only one. This is all set to change later this year when the centre opens its doors to the public. AUTORR will be on everyone's lips, especially those of the senior citizens. A rather unusual name, AUTORR stands for the Aged Unite To Organize Rest and Recreation. It is touted to be the first rest and recreation centre in Malaysia specifically for senior citizens AND their families.

Inside the naturally airy and cool multi-function hall.

Looking out from inside the spacious hall.

I had the opportunity to tour the site recently and came away overwhelmed by the passion and dedication of this small team of selfless individuals. They have literally poured their heart and soul into creating a haven for the older generation to enjoy their golden years. It's hard to think of a more noble cause.

The backbone of AUTORR - Simon Gan and Lin Chua.

More like a state-of-the-art clubhouse than an old folks’ home (which it is NOT), the AUTORR centre is a dream come true for Lin Chua, 64, founder and chairman of the AUTORR FOUNDATION, a non-profit, non-racial and non-religious organization. Lin is also the granddaughter of Yap Kwan Seng, the third and last Kapitan China of Kuala Lumpur.

“Senior citizens are a neglected lot. Their children are often too busy to spend time with them. They need a place where they can network with others of their age group,” says Lin. To this end, she has donated a four-acre plot of prime land in Ampang to build a resort-style complex where senior citizens can meet with their peers and spend their time relaxing, sharing experiences or learning new skills.

“Old people easily get depressed when left alone at home,” adds Lin. “The centre can be their second home, where they can feel happy and comfortable. They can choose to simply relax at the centre or learn something useful. We plan to organize talks, classes and workshops on various subjects like health and wellness, hobbies, motivation, and parenting skills. We like to think of the centre as a place where family unity is fostered. The three generations can come together to enjoy the facilities and the activities.”

Imagine this training room when it is fully equipped.

One of many covered walkways leading to a tea corner.

The complex boasts a uniquely designed multi-function hall, eight training rooms, a guest lodge with five bedrooms, a cafeteria cum kitchen and, get ready for this, more than 30 toilets! “We want to make sure there’s a toilet within easy reach when the need arises,” explains Lin.

Quality finishings for the toilets and bathrooms.

“Everything here is designed to be elder-friendly. There are ramps and railings everywhere, and tea corners at every turn where the old people can sit and sip tea, chat or meditate. We have also put a lot of thought into the landscaping. There is plenty of open space for quiet relaxation. All the flowers, palms and bonsai plants are carefully chosen to enhance the tranquillity of the surroundings.”

The guest lodge (top) and the living room.

The centre sits atop the highest point within the valley, thus giving it a spectacular panoramic view. The air here is amazingly cool and invigorating. Notice the hills in the background. Superb feng shui!

Bonsai plants abound in the beautifully landscaped grounds.

Built at a cost of RM7 million, the centre is 95% completed, one year ahead of schedule. Most of the funds were raised from public donations and bank loans. The AUTORR Foundation still needs RM500,000 for the centre’s last stage of completion. It does not receive any annual government grant. Donations to the AUTORR Foundation are exempted from income tax. (LDHN.01/35/42/51/179-6.5672).

The foundation also welcomes donations in kind. For a wish list of the items that the centre requires, please contact:

Faith Lum
AUTORR Foundation (535857-D)
Jalan Dagang 12,
Taman Dagang Jaya,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Phone & Fax: +603 4295 2261
Email address:
Website :

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I must say a word of congratulation and a job well done. It really impressed me of what I saw from the web page. The thing is real. I heard about this program sometime back and was looking for it to be completed. I will be very happy if I can be kept posted through email I also would like to give a very small contribution please let me knoe who and where to sent to. Thank you