Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Is it possible to have a decent lunch in Kuala Lumpur City Centre area for RM5, inclusive of a soup and a drink? The answer is YES. That is, if you don't mind eating vegetarian and you are not particular about the location.

I first wrote about this makan place in Jalan Ampang in my blog article "VALUE FOR MONEY - VEGETARIAN MEALS AT THE TEMPLE". That was in November 2011. With food prices escalating, it is time to promote this temple canteen again. It has become my favorite place to eat whenever I am in the vicinity, and that is often!

It is hard to beat this canteen for price, taste and variety. If you are among the early birds, you get free soup or dessert. The place gets filled up very fast after 12 noon, and the queues at the cashiers can be long.

It is self-service all the way, including clearing your own plates, bowls and glasses, and making sure there are no bits of food left on your table. Everyone cooperates in observing the temple rules of cleanliness. So the tables and floor are always clean.

My lunch of brown rice, taufoo, greens and vegetable curry, plus soup and a glass of lime juice all for RM5. You can have bigger portions for the same price. 

The place welcomes all. Although the majority of the people who eat there are Chinese office workers, there are many Indians, Sikhs and also Malays. The word has probably got around as I see more foreigners and backpackers patronizing the canteen too.

Very orderly and effcient system in place to keep the canteen clean at all times.

The canteen opens only for lunch on weekdays. You enter via the main entrance. The corridor on your left takes you to the back of the temple where the canteen is located. The temple is about midway between KLCC and Ampang Park, and opposite Corus Hotel. Shouldn't be difficult to find the place.

The next time you find yourself in Jalan Ampang near KLCC, and looking for a place to have lunch, head over to this temple canteen. You will be glad you did. Happy makan!

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