Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The group ready to go, with hats, umbrellas and shades.

Last Sunday 24 Aug, 2014, a group of SeniorsAloud members and friends paid a visit to a fish farm in Kuala Kubu Bharu. We couldn't have asked for better weather for the outing - clear blue skies and bright sunshine. Perfect for taking photos. It felt great just to be away from the smog and haze of the city.

KKB is about an hour's drive from the city. There were 12 of us in four cars. We were lucky to have Vijiakumar, one of our SeniorsAloud members, as our farm guide. He was with the Fisheries Department for 30 years before he retired and is currently adviser to the company that owns and operates the farm.

Waiting for Vijia's slideshow presentation on fish farming and fish culture. 
The expert sharing his knowledge with the city folks. Did we learn a lot!
The farm covers nine acres and has a total of 14 ponds.
This contraption in the pond helps to oxygenate the water. It functions like the pump in our home aquarium. Fish thrive and breed better in oxygen-rich water.
Feeding time. The farm uses only quality fish pellets produced by their company. Fish that are fed chicken organs and entrails tend to have an unpleasant 'fishy' smell and taste.
Water flows into each pond via a system of pipes. The water comes from the river nearby. It is vital to keep the water constantly aerated and filtered.
Watching the fish coming up to feed. The farm breeds several varieties of tilapia, kelah, patin, and kerai in ponds. 
Not all the ponds are filled with water and fish. After the fish are harvested, the pond is drained and limed before the next batch of baby fish is released into the pond. Proper water management ensures the fish remain healthy and disease-free.
Admiring the fish in the tanks. 
A close-up look at these baby arowana. Each orange sag contains nutrients for the baby fish. As the fish grows, it gradually absorbs the sag, and are able to swim more freely.

Fish for lunch. Can't get any fresher than this. The farm workers caught for us two tilapia, one kelah biru and one grass carp, each weighing about 1kg to 1.5kg - big enough for a seafood lunch for 13 people.

All weighed and packed in plastic bags ready for us to take to the restaurant. The farm accepts orders for fresh fish. 
We managed to find a restaurant that would cook the fish for us. Most were closed on Sundays. We were so hungry we started tucking in as soon as the first few dishes were served!
Four different fish dishes, from spicy to gingery, but all steamed. Fresh fish are best enjoyed steamed and garnished with celery, salted veg, ginger or mushroom. 
Restaurant owner Mr Chai packing honeycomb for us to take home to make honey lemon drink.
Group photo for remembrance. We came, we saw and we learned a lot. A most enjoyable Sunday outing!

A big thank you to Vijia for making the visit possible, and so enjoyable. If you would like to order fresh fish from the farm, or make enquiries, please contact Vijia at 019-240 5491.

If you are looking for a nice restaurant in KKB to have lunch, we recommend Mr Chai's restaurant. If you are lucky, he may offer you complimentary dessert and honeycomb to take away.

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(Photo credit: SL Koeh & LF)

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