Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A recent death in the family has prompted me to write this blog post about Soo Ewe Jin and his journey with cancer.

For your information, Ewe Jin is a long-time columnist and executive editor with The Star. His weekly column Sunday Starters appears in The Sunday Star. I make it a point to read his column. His articles always carry a positive message. His recent article "Sow love where there is hate" is no different. The article also marks the 15th year of his journey with cancer.

From The Sunday Star 20 April, 2014

Ewe Jin is a cancer survivor with a mission - to share his personal challenges and triumphs in battling the big C. I first read his booklet about his journey with cancer many years ago. I have not met Ewe Jin, but have exchanged emails with him. He was kind enough to send me two copies of his booklet last year, one of which I gave to a friend who was going through chemotherapy at the time.

I have written about Ewe Jin before in a blog post "Face to Face with Cancer" It contains excerpts from his booklet, as well links to his blog and to his e-booklet for free downloading. Do share the link with anyone you know who may find some comfort in knowing that they are not alone, that they can draw courage and strength from Ewe Jin's personal stories.

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