Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Stuck in an ocean of trash
Anyone who views this video below and remains unaffected by it must have a heart of stone. I think we are all guilty in one way or another of contributing to the unrelenting, merciless pollution and destruction of this beloved home planet of ours.

One-third of the young birds on Midway Island die from eating plastic items which they thought was food. Imagine if these birds were human babies. Perhaps that is the only way we can truly understand the magnitude of the devastation we have wreaked on the environment and the countless millions of animals and birds we may have knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly killed.

ASTRO Kasih volunteers must be commended on their recent efforts to clear underwater trash at at 14 dive sites surrounding the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park here from April 6-13. Altogether 134 divers from Malaysia as well as France, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands collected over three tons of marine debris, including plastic bottles and bags, fishing lines, nets, cans and tires.

Astro volunteer divers picking up tin cans, plastic bags 
Surely the least we can do is help by reducing our use of plastic and keeping our beaches clean. 

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