Thursday, March 15, 2012


All ears when DAP's Lim Kit Siang took the rostrum.

Last Friday I was at the Thean Hou Temple for the Lembah Pantai fund-raising dinner. The hall was packed with Pakatan Rakyat supporters. Aside from the proceeds from the 96 table reservations at RM100 per person, an extra RM27,000 was raised on the spot from donations.

Featured speakers were DAP's Lim Kit Siang, PAS's Mat Sabu, Bersih's Ambiga, Nurul Izzah and her father Anwar Ibrahim. The latter was a no-show as his flight from Penang was delayed at the last minute.

The night definitely belonged to Nurul, not only because she is MP for Lembah Pantai, but also because she wowed the audience with her oratorical skills. She is not afraid to speak out against injustice and against corruption. She is well-informed, articulate and humble. Her good looks is an added bonus. She is also a loving wife, a doting mother of two, and plays a mean guitar, so I was told. She is a fan of English rock band Radiohead, and supports Arsenal. It's easy to see why she has a huge following, especially among the young people. And she is only 31 years old!

If you have never heard Nurul speak, do watch the video.

As Ambiga said in her speech, Malaysia is ready for a woman PM, and guess who that would be? You know the answer.


Pak Idrus said...

Sure she could be one good PM of our country why not?. I believe she would be one in the future if not in the near future She is indeed a person made for PM. There is hopes.

Peter Yew said...

I would like to have her as MY prime minister in MY lifetime. A leader with her caliber, conviction and desire to unite and restore the nation to the position of greatness and envy we deserve is a rare gem. We must give her our fullest support. I realize in Malaysia to have a female PM may seems like an impossibility, but if we exclude the best because of gender it will reinforce the current policy of excluding segments of Malaysians from opportunities of promotion, etc because of racial background. If Nurrul Izzah gets a chance to be a deputy PM first, I know she has a great chance to be our first lady PM, a person of virtue and humility like her dear mother, Dr Wan Azizah. I pray for her well being and continued dedication to serve the people.

shagu said...

Years ago in JB, in Channel News Asia, I saw footages of anwar's young children clinging to their dad and mom as the helicopters dropped masked soldiers into their home rooftop and yanking their dad away, I was thinking not in front of their kids. My stomach turned.

Then I saw in the next few days, accounts of Mahathir describing the homosexual act that one the witnesses described to him and based on that Mahathir said he believed the witnesses account - no person can describe the act that vividly he said. Again I said not on tv - not for the wife and little children to hear this. This was extreme heatlessness on the side of our PM. I told myself that I hope one of anwar's kids should carry on and give BN a run for their money.

Waiting to see you as PM with all my heart one day, Nurul Izzah.