Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today I spent the entire afternoon checking out two press photo exhibitions. First up was the Star's "Capturing Malaysia Through the Years" press photo exhibition at Galeri Petronas. The selection of photos covers the categories Newsmakers, Arts and Society, Sports, and Conflicts and Disasters.

If you are into photography, or enjoy a bit of nostalgia, head downtown for the exhibition. Here are four photos that should get you interested in checking out the rest.

Enjoying the simple life in his twilight years. Our first PM Tunku pictured here in his favourite rocking chair in his Penang home.(Photo: Lim Hong Leong 1986)
PM Najib (then the Defence Minister) and his wife singing at a dinner to raise funds for charity. (Photo: Michael Goh 1981)
The old Cathay cinema in Bukit Bintang. Queues like this were common for popular movies. We didn't mind the hours of waiting just to get those hot tickets, especially for blockbusters and X-rated movies! (Photo captured from TV screen at the photo exhibition.)
The older ones among us will remember the 1970s when X-rated movies were regularly screened. Those were liberal times. (Photo: Gary Leong)

As the World Press Photo Exhibition was just a stone's throw away at the KL Convention Centre, I decided to check it out too. It was well worth the extra hour I spent there.

This exhibition runs till 12 Feb. Admission is free. It's not often Malaysians get an opportunity to view award-winning photos selected from over 108,059 entries in the world press photography contest 2011. There are nine categories ranging from News to Nature.

I have one complaint though, and I made it known to the staff on duty. Visitors who wanted to watch the recorded interviews with some of the photojournalists had to stand for half an hour in front of the TV set. How difficult is it for the organizers to place a couple of benches there so that visitors, especially senior citizens, can enjoy the interviews in comfort?

Nowhere to rest those tired legs. Certainly not a people-friendly viewing experience.

Jodi Beiber's iconic photo of Bibi Aisha, 18, from Afghanistan. It won the World Press Photo of the Year award. Read more about the story behind the photo at

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Lily thanks for this posting. It does brought back great memories of our lives. Nostalgic indeed.

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