Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Photo: Age Concern, NZ
Came across this letter (below) in The Straits Times a few days ago.

Explore townships for the elderly

THE Government should consider planning and building small, special townships for the elderly. This is what I have in mind:

The township and its special apartments should be built in such a way that they facilitate the movement of the disabled and the slower pace of the elderly. The apartments should be sold to the elderly at specially discounted prices based on a 30-year lease, with a stipulation that they cannot be resold in the market.

The purchase of these units should be restricted to citizens aged 55 and above. It would be good if they have proper security such as fencing and alarm systems, with access to township restricted to registered residents. The township should include its own health-care centres, medical clinics, pharmacy, library, training centres, and Internet and entertainment centres.

A print ad for Retirement Villages, UK
News and entertainment media sources should be provided free or at a subsidised rate to all the township's housing units to keep the residents well-informed and entertained. The township should elect its own town council and be run independently, with some help from the Housing Board.

It should have an elder-care system manned by employed nurses and volunteers. There can also be a small hospice nearby. Such an initiative would capture a substantial number of the elderly who have reached the age where they need to live within their means and comfortably, without imposing on their children.

Chin Cheng Yeong
Sounds like a retirement utopia. But seriously, would you want to live in a town where all your neighbours are aged 55+?

The dining room at Fitch Home, USA.
The dining room at a retirement home in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
A retirement village in Malaysia or Singapore exists only in a retiree's dream at the moment. Developers are only beginning to see the potential in providing more housing options for those who can afford homes with age-friendly amenities and facilities.

There is definitely a market for retirement homes tailored for active, independent senior citizens who prefer to share living space with their peer group in a community-type environment, than to live with their adult children who have no time for them due to work commitments.

We all love options, especially when it comes to retirement housing. There should be plenty of choices depending on what our expectations are, and how much we are prepared to pay for them.


Toronto Retirement said...

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you are saying here and the way you have presented it is awesome!!! Great post.

Anonymous said...

I always have this in mind, it will be very good if Malaysia would have this Retirement Village concept in place. Developers should urgently look into this concept and to have one in kl or Selangor will be great. People of my generation, ie born in the 50's or 60's would be retiring very soon but we dont have any choice of the way westerner are retiring back in their country.

I think Malaysia and Malaysian will be facing an acute retirement issue very soon as we are having an aging population. Someone have to start looking into it an study how other countries are preparing for it and we should do likewise. Hopefully the govt and developers will look into this issue and pt something in place.

Aira said...

Yeah it is really a great post. If all of the author suggestions will be implemented our seniors will be more convenient and happy with their environment. A place where they can feel that they're being patronized and respected. It will also help them to be more socially active,because of the people that they can interact with.

Kimberly said...


I'm not a regular to seniorsaloud but I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that there is indeed such a retirement community concept existing in Kuala Lumpur. Here is their website http://www.aai.my/ and I believe they are still actively recruiting residents. Wishing you all a happy and healthy retirement :)

Anonymous said...

Most countries today have established retirement communities. The retirement communities new york for example have great amenities. They are near establishment so the people, 55 and better can do shopping and enjoy other activities all the time.

richard lim said...

Hi Seniors out there,

I am Richard Lim from ZenCare Lifestyles Group.

We would like to gather groups of seniors with the view to find out:
1. What are their attitudes to
retirement village living
2. what are their needs,
aspirations and fears?
3. What is their affordability?
4. Which are their preferred
5. What are the pull and push
Questionnaires via emails will be sent out.

Unknown said...

Dear Richard (ZenCare Lifestyle), I just got logon to this webpage and very much interested to know the findings/result of the survey questions. I am towards my retirement and intend to contribute my experience to the society related to RETIREMENT VILLAGE or any blogs or research related to this field. I can be reach at mba2carol@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Just bought a Park Model in a senior resort in Arizona. We can avoid the Colorado winters there, and the Arizona summer's here!! This purchase is so exciting to us and we keep as busy as we want in each location. Do a lot or do nothing...totally up to us.

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