Saturday, March 6, 2010


Finally, there are statistics to prove that being cheerful helps reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Researchers at Columbia University rated the happiness levels of more than 1,700 adults in Canada using a 5-point happiness scale. After a decade, statistics showed that the 145 adults who developed a heart problem scored low on the happiness scale.

"If you aren't naturally a happy person, just try acting like one," said Dr. Karina Davidson of Columbia University Medical Center, the lead author of the research paper. "It could help your heart."

Good advice. If only more people took it.

The worst way to start the day is to wake up in the morning feeling grouchy and irritable. Perhaps it's the thought of having to drag yourself off to work that makes most people feel this way in the morning.

Well, in that case, retirees should be very happy people indeed!


foodbin said...

i do not think all retirees are happy-some pass their time just watching the world go by.

seniorsaloud said...

So true. Most folks find retirement very depressing. They are lonely, bored and purposeless. It's really up to them how they want to spend their days. They can choose to participate actively in life or withdraw from it. Just don't complain and moan about "being old and useless". If they think like this about themselves, others will think that way about them too.

Magician said...

Everyone has to take the action (be happy) themselves. Being old or young isn't necessarily put one in 1 camp or the other.
Make the decision to be happy, and take action to be there!