Friday, June 26, 2009


Glen Capelli defining 'neoteny'

I want to share three new words I've just added to my vocabulary. The first is NEOTENY. Not all dictionaries carry this word. I like the definition I heard at Glen Capelli’s talk on ‘Successful Intelligence: Thinking Smarter in a Crazy World” at the 14th International Conference On Thinking (ICOT). As for who is Ashley Montagu? He's a world-renown American anthropologist, writer and humanist.

'Widezen' your thinking and learning

Glen also introduced the word 'widezen', which he coined from the Japanese word 'kaizen', meaning 'continuous improvement'.

Another newly-minted word is 'flexpertise' or "adaptive expertise". This word came from David Perkins, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education in his talk on "Educating for the Unknown".

From 'expertise' to 'flexpertise'

I'll be sharing more in the next blog or two. In the meantime, my learning continues on Day 5 of ICOT....

With David Perkins


Starmandala said...

Er... how come it's spelt "neotEny" in the photo and "neotAny" in your text, my dear? Which is the "correct" spelling? Neoteny is okay as neologisms go (Bucky Fuller invented some really useful ones like "syntropy"... "synergy"... "intertransform"... "tensegrity"... and "geodesic"!)

"Widezen" sucks! Would never use such a silly coinage - sounds like Auf wiedersehn!

seniorsaloud said...

Tks for pointing out the error. Didn't even notice it! Result of rushing off a blog post in the wee hours of the morning. No excuse!