Monday, December 15, 2008



WHEN my daughter told me we were going to be grandparents soon, we had mixed feelings. I shared their joy and excitement. That was an understatement; actually I was over the moon, but I was also saddened to acknowledge that I was approaching my third age.

Today my husband and I are the proud grandparents of two lovely grandchildren – Kay Leen, four, and Ai Leen, two. And we found that the evening of our lives is indeed the best part.
And what of our role as grandparents? Well, this role is full of enjoyment. The grandchildren live across the Causeway and when we visit them, my daughter and son-in-law would take this opportunity to go shopping, catch a movie, run errands and meet up with friends.

My little jewels - Ai Leen and Kay Leen

My husband and I gladly take over their duties. Our little jewels will not allow their Filipino caregiver to bathe or feed them when we are there. For a start, we do not get to sleep in because the first thing they do when they wake up is to head to our room to wake us up.

And then it’s non-stop activity until bedtime. During mealtimes we have to sit with them. They love being fussed over. We go to the playground and run after them as they move from see-saw to the slide and the swings.

We act as arbitrator when they fight over toys. We don many hats when we are with them. We become their playmates as we join in their games, we jolt our memories as we sing nursery rhymes with them, and hold their hands when they watch their favourite shows like Barney, Wiggles and High Five.

The delight on their faces when they watch the shows never ceases to amuse us. We turn storytellers before bedtime when we go through stories we have not heard for a long time. The last time we told these stories was probably when our children were tiny tots. But with our grandchildren cuddled up in bed, listening intently as we tell the stories, the experience is exhilarating.

Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. I was in seventh heaven when my little angels, with their arms enveloping me, told their friends that I was their grandma and refused to let them come close to me. I never felt so wanted. Yes, happiness is being grandparents.

And so in the sixth decade of our life, when we are all done with our career, parenting and enjoying our retirement, we relish our new roles as grandparents.

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