Friday, November 21, 2008


This post is specially for Godfrey Ooi, as promised, with acknowledgements to Mr P.M.Lal who shared with Ramleans these gems of wisdom in his talk "Reflections on Life" at the MIM-RAMLEA programme.

Good days give you happiness,
Bad days give you experience,
So never regret a day in your life.

Live life to the fullest
And make the most of the limited time you have.

Focus on the present.
The past is gone, and the future will unfold.

Have fun and enjoy everything you do.
If you say or do something wrong,
Don't hesitate to admit your mistake and apologize.

Look for and discover the best in everyone,
Never forget to say "Thank you" and "Please".
Use "we", not "I".

If there's something important and urgent to be done,
Go ahead and do it,
As nobody else is likely to do it.

You can have, be or do anything you focus your mind on.
Visualize it and hold it in your mind from day to day.


Thoughts are powerful forces that can traverse not only space but also time.

Our destiny, indeed the whole universe, emanates from our thoughts.

Our minds are all connected, and we are really one with each other, and with the universe.

All knowledge, discoveries and inventions are in the universal mind, waiting to be tapped by your mind.

How old you feel is also in the mind.
So focus on health and youth.

Be grateful for what you have, and you are likely to attract more good things.

Don't worry about things outside your control.
Instead, focus on things you can change.

Don't be bogged down by negative thoughts and emotions.
Focus your mind on love, abundance, growth and peace.

The problems and challenges we face, whether as individuals, or as a global community,
Arise from our negative emotions of greed, anger, fear, attachment and ego.

Everything is energy. You yourself are energy.
Energy can't be created or destroyed.
It just changes form.
The pure essence of you has always been, and will always be!
Death, as we know it, is merely a transformation.

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