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SeniorsAloud is a firm believer in volunteerism and giving to the community. Nothing is more satisfying and more rewarding than being able to help others who are in need. Volunteering or community service gives purpose and meaning to our golden years.

We started our Grant a Wish for the Elderly (GWE) after visiting some old folks homes in 2012. Our visit to Tong Sim Old Folks Home was a real eye-opener for me. It housed dozens of elderly men and women who had nowhere else to go. Some had been left in the hospitals for treatment by their adult children who never came back for them. Through the kindness of Mr Cheong Loy who owned a casket and funeral business, these homeless elderly were given a place to stay above his office downstairs. When they passed on, Mr Cheong would give them a decent burial, gratis.

We also visited some unlicensed nursing homes and aged care centres where the elderly residents were left to themselves most of the time. Some were moaning in pain or discomfort but remained unattended to. The excuse given by the home operators was the standard 'under-staffed'.

We realised there were many abandoned senior citizens depending on the govt and the public for shelter and sustenance. Many held red ICs and were not eligible for welfare aid given by the government. There were also others living on the streets, or living alone in dilapidated quarters. We felt we had to do something for these warga emas who had fallen through the cracks of society

Our first GWE recipient in 2012 was widow and hawker, Mdm Lai Hon Yin who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We had read about her plight in the newspaper. We paid her a visit in hospital to see how she was doing and also find out how we could best help her. After listening to her story, we offered to cover Mdm Lai's house rental for 10 months as she was unable to work. By that time, her eldest son would have completed his studies in UM and hopefully find a job to support the family.

The best gifts are those that are meaningful, that light up the recipients' face and bring joy to their hearts. Indeed, giving to those in need shouldn't be restricted to festive seasons, but whenever the opportunity arises to help someone. Like the time when Justin Cheah, project director of Kechara Soup Kitchen contacted us and asked if we could help sponsor cataract surgery for Mr Liow Cheng Loon, 69. As a red IC holder, Mr Liow was not eligible for govt welfare aid. SeniorsAloud agreed to cover the cost of cataract surgery for both his eyes.

Here are some past GWE recipients. A big THANK YOU to all our members, friends and supporters who have contributed in one way or another in making our community service efforts possible.

SeniorsAloud donated a Roland Micro Cube GX amplifier to The Happy Buskers from Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) so they could be heard above the crowd.

Residents of Phyllis Care Centre in Sec 12, PJ were delighted to receive 14 sets of quality bed-sheets and bath towels to replace their threadbare ones. 

Volunteerism can come in many forms. Not all of us can afford to donate money, but we can certainly give our time, our energy, our experience, our talents/skills to help the elderly who are in need. We can all make a difference in our own way. As a rule, SeniorsAloud prefers to contribute towards a specific cause rather than donate a lump sum to individuals or organizations for them to use it as they see fit. Here are more of our past community efforts.

The installation of a CCTV costing RM3310 for Tong Sim Home for abandoned elderly enabled the home manager to better supervise the elderly in their care.

SeniorsAloud donated RM2000 worth of food and medical supplies for victims of the East Coast floods in Dec 2014.

If you think as an individual, you can't do much, then do support our events and fund-raising efforts. Together we can achieve more. We organize one charity drive a year. Proceeds are channeled to our community chest, and the funds used to benefit seniors in need.

In 2017 SeniorsAloud donated to help Mdm Elaine Khaw care for her husband and her son who has brain tumour. Our donation sparked off several fund-raising initiatives to help Datuk Ooi Eow Jin who is suffering from Alzheimer's. Read more HERE.

We were happy to present a 2018 CNY angpow cheque to homemaker and widow Helen Chan, 62, for the care and support of her two sons, aged 33 and 20, who are autistic. 

We helped purchase a deep freezer and a giant wok for Pitstop, a community cafe that offers free meals to the poor and homeless from the city streets.

We also donated a sewing machine to Moms Sew With Love (MSWL) to help single moms, including elderly moms, earn an income through sewing items on bulk order. 
In addition, in 2019 we sponsored two plots at Kebun-Kebun Bangsar to provide vegetables for Pitstop meals for the city homeless. The above are some of the many community projects we have carried out over the past years from funds raised at our annual dinners.

In 2019 we decided to produce a 2020 calendar with proceeds to go to our Grant a Wish for the Elderly. The calendar carried the theme 'Live Active, Live Healthy, Live Long'. It featured inspiring seniors each month, with tips on living a healthy lifestyle. We thank our members and friends who supported us by purchasing these calendars at Rm15 each. With the funds raised, we were able to carry out several projects in 2020. 

Early in February 2020, we were able to contribute towards the purchase of 70 new mattresses and pillows for the elderly at Tong Sim in support of Friends of Vihara's Chinese New Year inititaive. Volunteers from the group did an amazing job replacing the worn-out and bug-infested mattresses with the new blue ones. We were happy to see the smiles on the elderly as they tested out their new bedding.

On 1 August 2020, we sponsored 436 food packets for the street homeless. This was done through the volunteers at Kechara Soup Kitchen. They packed the food and distributed them to seven areas in the city: Pudu Market, Chow Kit, Anjung Singgah, Sentul, Brickfields, Petaling Street and Dang Wangi. These were areas with many homeless elderly.

On 5 March 2021, our SA team member Siew Lim dropped by at Mdm Shereen's home to present her a cheque from SeniorsAloud. The donation was in response to a social media appeal to help her. As a single mother of two autistic sons, she needed financial assistance. She sews items to generate some income. We ordered 20 tissue pouches from her besides giving her a donation.

30 July 2023 was a day of joy for Puan Muji Sulaiman and residents of Rumah JagaanAl-Ikhlas in Kg Meranti, Puchong when SeniorsAloud made good our promise to donate Rm21k worth of physiotherapy & rehab equipment to the home. Olivia Quah and Dr Kong Why Hong, co-founders of iElder were on hand to help with the delivery. Dr Kong gave a demo on how to use the equipment. The contribution was made possible from the proceeds of our community book 'Our Stories, Our Legacy'.

SeniorsAloud celebrated Deepavali with donations of RM2500 worth of essential items to forty B40 families of PPR Kota Damansara. The simple ceremony saw Kamil, Siew Lim and Lily taking turns to present the bags of items to each family. They were assisted by committee members Lena, Selvi and Haida.

We have started a SeniorsAloud Volunteer Group (SVG) to be on standby for community service as and when the need arises. This may include volunteering at community kitchens and food distribution centres, facilitating talks-workshops, or manning booths at expos. If you are interested and would like more info, please contact Kamil 019-664 1951 or Choke Wun 013-393 2547

SeniorsAloud believes that those who have received blessings in life should extend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. We also believe in supporting organizations/individuals working for a noble cause.

If you know of any elderly person or old folks home that is need of assistance, do contact SeniorsAloud at 012-3068291 or If we are able to help, we definitely will.

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