Sunday, June 9, 2013


"JANJI DITEPATI" or 'Promises Kept'. That was the theme for the National Day celebrations in August 2012. It was a theme the PM returned to repeatedly on his campaign trail in the run-up to the General Elections on 5 May 2013. Have all the promises been kept? Good question. Ask the people.

It is easy to make promises, especially verbal ones. Keeping one's word is another matter. Integrity is a rare quality these days. In a dog eat dog world, people will promise anything to get what they want. Once they have it in hand, amnesia sets in. 'Oh, did I promise that? I don't recall.'

In business it takes years to establish a reputation, a brand name that is based on quality, efficiency and reliability. But a single act of wrong-doing can lead to business ruin. When the company's customer loyalty goes out the window for good, the company can also shut down for good. The temptation is always there to do what we know is wrong in return for quick gains and ill-gotten profits.

The same applies to relationships. A friendship that is based on a foundation of trust is jeopardized when friends betray that trust. A marriage that is nurtured on love, trust and faithfulness can end up in a divorce when one partner secretly cheats on the other.

Breaking one's word, telling a lie, covering up wrong-doing - if we know what we plan to do is wrong, and still we go ahead with it, we must be prepared to face the consequences. If we are lucky, we may be forgiven or we may escape with a light sentence. But if we justify a wrong-doing with more covers-up, there will be no end to it. We will just be digging a grave for the demise of our business or marriage.

Do read this excellent article "Success will come and go, but integrity is forever" by Amy Rees Anderson. She is a regular contributor for 

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