Saturday, March 31, 2012


The weekend is upon us again. Here are some of my favourite Youtube entertainment videos from my blog archives to lighten and brighten up your Sundays. These elderly folks will amaze you with their high jinks and nimble fingers.

Marlow and Frances tinkering on the piano at Mayo Clinic while waiting for their appointment with the doctor. That was in 2008. That video went viral. This video below shows the couple two years later doing a small concert on the same piano. A couple that plays together and laughs together will stay happy and healthy together. No doubt about that.

Here's another elderly couple, Pete and Beulah Mae entertaining at an old folk home. Really hilarious - shows that aches and pain are not necessarily part and parcel of old age.

And there's Janey Cutler, 80, from Britain's Got Talent 2010 singing "No regrets" and getting a standing ovation from the audience and the judges, including the hard-to-please Simon Cowell.

Finally, here's 94-year old Mathilda Klein dancing with her very much younger partner. What energy! What grace! What more can I say?!


Beatrix Lewis said...

It's nice to know that there are seniors who choose to see the brighter things in life and engage in different activities. By doing this, they can feel much younger and can keep themselves occupied. Instead of just staying at home and being idle all day long, these seniors make the most of their time and try their best to be happy. They are definitely fun to watch and very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed watch the Maes, they are so mischievous, how lucky of them!!

hooray, let's dance