Monday, December 20, 2010


In 2006, centenarian granny Wook Kundor married her 23rd husband. She was 104 at the time, and he was 34. Recently, an under-aged 14-year school girl married her 23-year old teacher. The public furor hasn't even died down yet, and now we have another marriage that's making headline news around the world. I am referring to the marriage of Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, 74, to a 28-year old former Lebanese flight attendant.

Is Malaysia becoming a land of age-defying marriages?

 Grandma Wook is a picture of joy in the arms of her husband. She claims she has a secret recipe to keep her husband happy.
Abdul Manan and his student-bride 14-year old Siti Maryam. Their marriage was approved by the Syariah Court. Can a young man of 23 remain faithful to his wife for the rest of his life? For a Muslim man, this isn't a problem as he can have four wives. Or he can choose to divorce his current wife and marry again. All it takes is for the man to 'utter the divorce declaration' to his wife, and if the Syariah Court approves it, the divorce becomes valid. 
No small feat for a 74-year old grandpa with 15 grandchildren to win the heart of a beautiful 28-year old woman. He must be the envy of men everywhere. If age is not on your side, being immensely wealthy helps.


AT said...

Just a note. Tan Sri Abdul Taib is from Sarawak not Sabah. Merry Christmas !

seniorsaloud said...

TQ for pointing out my error. A slip of the mind - inexcusable! Error corrected.

Anonymous said...

tongkat ali or blue V oso tak guna lah !